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The Sun Pottery Company

Welcome to the Sun Pottery Company. We offer a glazed pottery collection, a terracotta collection and a glazed bird bath collection. We fire it all in a natural gas kiln, instead of a standard wood kiln, which allows us to be more environmentally friendly and allows us to use less resources throughout the firing process. Each piece is individually hand finished and have the finest quality all while remaining competitively priced.

Each pallet ships with a combination of pot feet and saucers all that match which allows it to be easier for the garden center so that pieces are not forgotten during the ordering process and allows the consumer to have a more finished product. All of our lines frost proof to negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit or negative 20 degrees Celsius, even when filled with soil or water.

We have searched the globe to find the finest manufacturers of classic style pottery and can’t wait to bring it to your garden center!